To Plan or not to Plan

A cool Campari and soda

Life is complicated, if we let it be. Or in some cases, even if we don’t allow it. It is the nature of living. So we can let it happen as it comes or we can plan how we want it to go. Yes, I do hear you. We can plan all we want and still do not come up with what we wanted.

Still, there are many out there who sear by planning. They map their life to the minute. In some cases with great success. Others will tell you that the life they are living just felt on their lap and they are just going along for the ride. Which is the best? to plan or not to plan. Have to say it is completely a matter of personality and preference. Here is why.

Planning everything to the last details can work well for people that crave organization and rules in their lives. Not planning and going with the flow is more for people that enjoy surprises and unexpected twists and turns. Now, how many of us are completely sure to what group do we belong? Certainly not me!!!

For years I was always saying that in our family we do not plan enough. Plan B was a favorite phrase. I used it for everything. Sometimes I was proven right and we indeed needed it. Sometimes all worked out just fine and it was never necessary. This applied to anything from trips to financial decisions to where and when to move. It made for a very interesting life.

Of course, I’ve known that all the planning in the world can go askew in a matter of minutes. So many circumstances are outside our field of influence. Decisions are taken out of our hands by events that have nothing to do with us. Planning , I have decided is overrated!

Let’s explain that. Plans are overrated when we depend on them for anything we do. Flexibility is more important. Go ahead and plan, but also be ready to change, tweak or totally forget that which you have planned. It is a liberating concept and one I am embracing joyfully!!!