Age in the Time of COVID 19

Life has taken a 180 degree turn and things might never be the same. I know we have felt like this other times, but this time feels inevitable. When the pandemic hit the world, we all came to a standstill. We put our lives on hold and concentrated in not going crazy. Conflicting news, conflicting solutions, anger and finger pointing were just everyday events.

Each and everyone of us has tried to find sure footing, somewhere to rest and breathe and look at the situation with impartial eyes. Not easy and not everyone is interested, fair enough. Things are so confusing that just going through them can cause mayor upheaval. Unfortunately, one thing is really clear, people of a certain age are affected the most…again.

Let’s go through it with open eyes and not sugar-coating anything. When you hit a certain age, you become more vulnerable. Be either physically, emotionally or financially, that is a fact. We may be in full control of our lives, but there is always someone that doubts it and wants to make us see things their way. Isn’t that the truth!!

Isolation was the first thing to hit us. As soon as the first cases manifested themselves, out went all rules and we were ordered to stay home. Period!!! Hard for everyone, we know, but it was made harder for older people. Not only the ones that depend on others, but everyone of a certain age.

Consequently, our sector of the population got the short end of the stick, so to speak. They were ask to stay put, no matter what, to start depending on others for all their needs. Retirement and nursing facilities were hit very hard. The majority of deaths occurred there, on the people that were most vulnerable.

Then, slowly, we started coming out of the lockdown. Some places faster than others, but it happened. We asked ourselves, what now? how are those so vulnerable going to start coping again? do they just stay put and scare? do they really have a voice in all this? are authorities ready to make things better? have they learned anything from the experience? would a plan be put in place to keep that segment of the population safer next time?

Unfortunately, before anything could be explained….we are heading for another lockdown. Countries around the world are considering new measures and new rules. Will they keep us safe? It remains to be seen, but we must be prepared for anything. This time is not a surprise. We lived through the first wave, we learned a few things to protect ourselves. Let’s be proactive!!

Life goes on, we are still alive…….don’t panic. Be smart about your choices because you are in charge of your life.