Take the Winding Road

Armenistis Lighthouse, Mykonos

Many times, when driving around, we take the highway instead of the scenic route, the winding road. Why? In a hurry to get to our destination, we chose the fastest way. Little thought is given to the alternative routes that can make our journey more pleasant. Never mind that the chosen route keeps us tense and causes stress, getting there fast is the only consideration.

Same thing in life, why do we take the most direct way, instead of exploring others. We tend to rush decisions, give opinions before we hear the whole story, get mad at the slightest disagreement and offer advice without being asked. Everyone does it and don’t even take notice of how this affects others or ourselves. The only thing we gain, I think, is confrontation and aggravation.

Time is passing, life is short. Concentrating on our friends and family, making sure our relationships are happy and our friendships are healthy is the sure way to meander through these years. For sure, I am trying harder. I have come to appreciate the winding road, the way to get anywhere physically or emotionally without rushing, stressing or arguing. It has been a discovery I wish I had made years ago.

2 thoughts on “Take the Winding Road”

  1. So true. I can’t believe the arguing, gossip, etc that I hear with 70 somethings. I feel as if I am back in junior high!

    1. Yes…that is exactly how I feel. It seem as we have not grown up, as if we have not learned to deal with situations. We just go ahead….

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