Beware….Vampires Ahead!!


By now, we are very good at discovering who takes our energy away. We want to live free of stress, so who can give us energy becomes very important. On the other hand, those who take it away are the ones we must keep at a distance. Identifying them is most important.

In the modern parlance, they are called : Energy Vampires. They literally suck the energy out of us. They exhaust us beyond words and can complicate our lives in many ways. Not only emotionally, but some times they can embroil us in their web and cause all sorts of problems in our lives. We must be careful since they are everywhere.

Usually they are very charismatic, charming. Since they are convinced that everything is about them, they see everything from their perspective. We all know one or two: they flatter you, make you believe they value your opinion just to draw you in. Unfortunately, if we are not careful, they succeed. It’s human nature to accept flattery as our due.

Having no sense of responsibility, they can walk away and you might end up being blamed for what they did. Depending on the situation, this can mean just a temporary inconvenience or a long term struggle. Let’s wise up to theseVampires, in the long run they are worse than the fictional ones.

Rely on your gut feeling, if someone suddenly becomes friendly, becomes closer. If there are visits and invitations and phone calls from people you hardly know, if your opinion is suddenly sought and praised, if someone just leaves you exhausted after spending a few hours with them, if someone demands more attention than you are willing to give or drives you crazy with questions about subjects you do not discuss but with really close friends, run for the hills. You have encounter an Energy Vampire!!!

Your time is valuable, put your foot down and stay away from these people. It’s not a matter of being nice or polite, those are things that do not enter into this discussion. It’s a matter of keeping your peace. Do not let them invade your space and you will be much happier. After all, it’s our time and we should spend it with whom we love, like or arouse our interest.