No Resolutions

It’s a New Year and, as always, we think of resolutions. This is something we have been doing forever. We tell ourselves that we have been given the chance to start over and make things work out this time around. Unfortunately, very few keep to their resolutions. I often wondered why do we make them.…such good intentions and nothing to show for them at the end of the year. Well, not for me, not his year!!!

We usually make very general resolutions, things that cannot be accomplished the way we phrase them. Like: I want to lose weight. Really? any plans to accomplish this? Not really, so our best intentions do not make a dent in our behavior. We fail to put action in our intentions. We must investigate and research how to accomplish what we want to do. In other words, we fail to be proactive. Most importantly, we tend to ignore our inner selves. We don’t pay attention anymore to what makes us happy. That is a big mistake.  Listen and make yourself do small things at the beginning: change your hair color or get a new haircut, treat yourself to a manicure and pedicure. Take a nap in the middle of the day, read that book you hear so much about, have a drink on a week night…small steps. Follow your intuition.

Finally, remain in the present. There is nothing we can do about the past, except learn from it!! Some of us just don’t want to look too far into the future, it can be uncertain. It certainly is these days. Lockdowns and social distancing, face coverings and sheltering in place…all that give us time to get to know what we want, it’s never too late. Trust yourself and follow your passion. Enjoy every day and every moment.…..that’s resolution enough!!!