Hurricane Season is part of your life if you live in Florida. It is always in the back of our minds, if not right and front when a storm threatens. It is then, when faced with a situation out of our control, that we all admit to some regrets. Definitely regrets are part of our lives, but in these times this is not good for us. After all, whatever we regret now, was a decision we made thinking it was the right one. We were satisfied with them at the time. Now we have much in our minds, we do not need regrets, not at all.

It is on hind sight that decisions become regrets. Once we analyze what happened afterwards, after we break apart the consequences. It is then that we regret. Regrets, then, are nothing more than we looking back and deciding we could have done something else, we could have said things differently, we could have waited, we could have kept our counsel. Hind sight, that is all and we must recognize that.

We can drive ourselves crazy, we can get upset and wish things would have been different. Unfortunately, life happens and we cannot change the past. There is no going back. We can wish and we can recriminate and go over everything again……we will achieve nothing.

Since we hardly make mistakes or make the wrong decision on purpose, it is unreasonable to regret. Why spend time regretting when we can spend it more productively. Moving on is always challenging, but it is more so when we are dealing with stressful situations. Concentrate on the present, work to make things easier for yourself and for everyone, leave regrets behind.

Let’s be prepared and hope the storm passes without causing too much destruction. Pay attention and be safe!!!