The Simple Life

Anyone remembers a television program called “Green Acres“? I know I am dating my self with this, but somehow it came to mind today. You may ask why. This program told the story of a big shot lawyer who decided to leave all behind and move to a farm in the middle of nowhere. His glamorous wife had no choice but to follow him. They were going to live the simple life.

Well, it did not work out exactly as they envisioned it. The husband, Oliver, had all these preconceived ideas about what a rural life would be like. Consequently, he never really adjusted. He was impatient with his neighbors, couldn’t get their ways, wanted things to work his way. He needed to be in charge.

His wife, Lisa, did not want to move from the city she loved. Leaving behind her pampered life was very hard, but she understood what their new life in the country was all about. So she adapted better to her new surroundings and got along with their neighbors. He had too many expectations, she had none. He wanted to control, she went with the flow.

So many of us, having reached this stage in our lives, want something uncomplicated, relaxed and simple. After all, we have worked hard, bid our time and finally have the time and resources to start our new lives. We are retired or about to retire. We have time in our hands, the children have moved on. We decide to downsize, move to a smaller place or across the country or across the sea. All sounds so exciting, doesn’t it? We go ahead and start getting ready.

Unfortunately, not all of us ask the right questions before going all out trying to organize this move. We have all these expectations, these perfect plans for our new life. Expectations are high, we get caught in the details and lose sight of the big picture. Pause and breathe, please.

To get to the simple life so many of us want these days, we must be like Lisa. We must have an open mind, accept the changes this new life will bring and go with the flow. There is no other way to succeed at this.


Let Life Happen

Desenzano del Garda, Lombardy, Italy

How many time we hear someone saying: just go with the flow? I do many times and from different people. Of course the meaning of the phrase can be the same, but the context always changes.

It doesn’t mean going with what is happening and letting the situation affect you. Going with what is happening and consciously letting it pass you and flow around without drawing you in, without attempting to control anything. That is what it means. Seems simple, isn’t it?

Nothing farther from the truth, we all know that. Life presents us with countless situations. We should not response to each one in the same manner, some we can ignore or let flow by. This is how it should be, but unfortunately it is not. We are still so involved in what is around us, trying not to miss anything that we miss life itself passing us by. It is human nature to try and control events. Realistically, no one can control everything, we should know better.

Since we have more years behind us than we have ahead of us, we must just go with the flow. Each day is a gift, a new opportunity to enjoy life and to make memories, to learn something useful, fun and to be grateful. This is our time, so go with the flow and let life happen….it will anyway!!!