Accepting our Bodies

My mind understands this is essential: the acceptance of ourselves as older women. Changes in our bodies are the first sign we are no longer the young, pretty things we once were. They creep in and slowly transform us. I know that, but since changes come slowly or we are not paying attention, we just wake up one morning and we are older!!! It was not easy for me to post this picture, but I thought it necessary.

This is who we are today and accepting, loving it and moving on is the thing to do. Now, what each one of us mean by accepting is the difference between living in harmony with ourselves or fighting to stay young by any means. This would be hardly harmonious. The desire to hang on to our youth is powerful, I understand. Millions of women spend fortunes in beauty products and surgery to try just that. Who are we to criticize….. but is it worth it? For some it is, but more and more women are changing this view.

The most important thing we should remember: keep healthy, active and involved. Living in harmony with our aging bodies, accepting them, does not mean we are going to let go. Nobody is saying we should just stay home, gain weight, slow down in our activities, dress like our grandmothers did and sit and wait for old age to fully take charge of our lives. Absolutely NOT!!!

Accepting our bodies as they are today involves a lot of work, dedication and care. We should work at keeping our bodies healthy and performing at their best. Make sure you have your physical exams regularly, listen to your body and tell your doctor anything you do not like or understand. This is most important. If you need medication, take it and do not forget to take your vitamins and supplements.

Eat right for your age. I know, here I go again mentioning age, but it’s important. At this stage of our lives we need certain nutrients more than others. We cannot tolerate certain foods and certain drinks. Alcohol should always be taken in moderation, but these days it’s more important. Make sure you know what agrees with you and what doesn’t. There is also the fact that overeating or eating at certain hours could be upsetting to our bodies, pay attention.

If you are exercising, great!!! If you do not like to exercise, try yoga or tai-chi. Your body needs to stay nimble, it will help your aches and pains, your posture and your attitude. Walking tall is always a confidence booster!!!

Finally, and very important, learn to dress as you please. It’s our time, wear what you like, what makes you feel attractive, what feels good. There are no rules about how we should dress…..never mind what certain people say. If you Google this topic, there are countless articles. Ignore them!!! Best go online and look at older women’s style blogs. You will be surprised in a wonderful way.

Now you know: accepting our aging bodies it’s a powerful statement in a world obsessed with youth. Go out and make that statement with pride!!!


From Wander to Wonder

I have been traveling with my sisters for the last two weeks. We do this to bond, to laugh, to connect again away from husbands and children and everyday life. Our mother used to come with us and it has become a family tradition. It is wonderful, I highly recommend it.

We like to travel on our own, at our own pace and seeing and enjoying what we like. We go walking, visit everything worth seeing, dine in neighborhood restaurants, take public transportation, get some fabulous shopping done. We wander to find wonders. Not everything of interest is listed in tourist booklets. The discovery of new places, small pieces of history randomly spread in ancient towns, is part of the excitement.

This time we went to Northern Italy. Stay in Milan for a week and discovered that the piazza in front of the famous duomo is named Armando Diaz. That is our mother’s maiden name!! Even had time to visit Genoa where we met a friend. She showed us paintings by Rubens in a small church as well as Christopher Columbus crumbling home. Northern Italian food tastes much better in a small neighborhood restaurant and supermarkets are most visit. Who would have thought?

Then we travelled to Venice by train to visit La Serenissima for a couple of days. Since we have been there several times, we just wanted to meander through alleys and out of the way places. Everything else is overran with tourists, vendors, so many people it is not fun anymore. Now, seeing the ins and outs where Venetians live, that is worth your time and it is a wonder.

Finally, we took a cruise down the Adriatic to see some of southern Italy. Small coastal towns with wide streets bordered with palm trees…a true delight. Of course, we did some shopping!! Then the Ionian and Aegean Seas to the Peloponnese Peninsula, green and ran with brooks and rivers, it is so different from the arid islands. The famous kalamata olives come from this area and it is home to the second crown jewel in Greece: Olympia. Magnificent comes to mind when describing it.

Mykonos, famous for its sunsets, offers so much more. Luckily, a friend living on the island took us out of the tourist trails and into the real community. We went to a peaceful cemetery fragrant with oregano, basil, hot peppers and other plants; living things on such an unlikely place. Finally lunch at a restaurant patronized by locals and a shopping run through the winding alleys made our visit perfect.

Athens, too big to maneuver on your own, has to be seen with a guide. Ours kept us entertained with anecdotes and obscure pieces of history. Did you know that St. Damaris was the first woman converted to Christianity by St Paul? or that Athens is the oldest capital in Europe? or that Athena offered the people an olive tree and that is why she became the patroness of their city? Better an olive tree than the brackish water offered by Poseidon!!!

Sarande, Albania has breathtaking views of a dark indigo ocean. High cliffs and mountains come to the water edge and the sky is amazing. The Albanian Riviera has pristine and unspoiled beaches. The only place worth visiting in town, though, is the ruins of a 5th century synagogue. Little explanation is offered and nobody is around to give any information. The place has potential, but needs organization. Still, an interesting place to visit.

The Dalmatian Coast, Croatia, is breathtaking and full of history. Must visit Dubrovnik, the old town is amazing and easy to see. If you like candy, this is the place to be. Croatians love candy and make an extensive variety. In one of the alleys you can find Europe’s second oldest synagogue. Founded by Sephardic Jews fleeing the Spanish Inquisition, their descendants still live in Dubrovnik. The impressive Tudman Bridge is a marvel of modern engineering. You can admire it on your way out from the port.

Staying away from the maddening crowd, helped us see these places in a different light. Not bad for a trio of women of a certain age traveling on their own. Here is to independence and attitude!!!


Attitude is Everything

Age opens our eyes to many things, I would put this one among the most important. How we take what life throws at us is vital, how we react to situations is crucial and how we see ourselves is essential. Hence, my point: we must live our lives with a clear sense of who we are and how we see ourselves because we only have us to please. This is imperative.

Five years ago, I let my hair go natural. It was liberating and I’ve never looked back. I started a blog and decided to listen to myself, tossing aside everything that kept me attached to things and situations that did not serve me anymore. It was an eye-opening, if not an easy task.

Now the time has come to reap the benefits of those five years. After all the listening, Attitude became the only answer. Never cower before situations that present themselves to us. Walk with our head high and move on. This is the time, this is the place.