Becoming or Unbecoming

You are becoming someone else. Haven’t you heard friends and family say that? They say you are becoming less of this, more of that. Haven’t you paused and consider what do they mean? Are you really becoming someone else? In fact you are becoming your real self. It sounds like a cliché, but it is true. You are unbecoming what is not you.

All your life you were there for everyone. You played all the roles needed to keep everything going. There was no time to think about it because you were too busy living the life that was expected of you. You kept going and thinking all was well. For must of us, all was fine. Life was good and we were happy.

Now you realize that people around you had gone on with their lives. As much as you love everyone in your life, you now have the time to pamper yourself, make yourself happy and do the things you want to do. This is not by any means being selfish, this is just going back to putting your needs ahead of someone else’s.

So when anyone asks that question, there’s no need to answer. No explanations are needed, suffice to say that you know why and are happy with the changes. What a time for you!!!

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